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Egremont Crab Fair and Sports

After many months spent developing this multi-tentacled, collaborative and competitive work, it is time now to run riot through the streets, shops, markets stalls and science laboratories of the North West.

17th of September was the date set for Egremont Crab Fair – a centuries old event which happens annually in West Cumbria and features an array of unusual and eccentric contests, from egg throwing to pram racing and climbing the greasy pole.

Having sought the advice of slaughtermen in South Yorkshire, barbarians in Workington, the Crab Fair Committee in Egremont and and stem-cell scientists right here in Liverpool, I set up a stall along the main street, to display the peculiar organic footballs I had produced and enlist teams for the first games of Pigs Bladder Football ever to take place during this millennium…

(Video to be released shortly – in the meantime below are the official results.)


Egremont Crab Fair & Sports
17th September 2011
Pigs Bladder Football – Results

Street: Keepy Uppies:

Winner: *Patrick Cowman – 46 keepy uppies
2nd Place: *Alex Hodgson – 14 keepy uppies

Field Competition:

Winners of first ever Pigs Bladder Football tournament to take place during this millennium:

Team: “Keith Lemon” (Egremont) – pictured above

*Ellie McMinn (12)
*Daniel McMinn (11)
*Aaron Malkondon (14)
*Jamie Litt (12)
*Louis Broach (13)
*Liam Stamp (12)

Full Results:


“Keith Lemon” (Egremont) 1 – 0 “Norlandia PBFC (International)

Semi Finals

“Norlandia PBFC (International) 2 – 0 Crab Fair Utd.

“Keith Lemon” (Egremont) 4 – 4 “Ginge” (Egremont) – (5 – 4 after extra time)

Huge thanks to all who took part.

Photos and video on website – www.pigsbladderfootball.com / find us on Facebook and Twitter

Proudly part of Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2011.

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