Pigs Bladder Football


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Whilst the procedure for seeding patches with cells is being optimised I will be working on obtaining, growing, freezing and maintaining different primary cell cultures using predominantly materials which would be thrown away.  The first of these was the pig knee joint and I hope to be able to use learn and adapt a procedure for obtaining cells from the discarded pigs bladders.  It is hoped that some of these cell materials will be seeded onto suitable patches where their growth can be observed and documented and their suitability as material for our football assessed and compared.  Regards the question of suitability – we are looking for a cell material which will adhere well to our final 3D structure and, which is capable of forming a membrane which is impermeable to air and which can be subject to pressure.

[Images: pig knee joint with trotter in sterile hood. John O'Shea]

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