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Time Lapse Imagery Results #1

Well there are some positive and some negative results from yesterdays time-lapse imagery test. The imagery above shows a group of cells initially developing (you can see one long thin cell divide at about 8 ...

Jul, 17

Laboratory Update

Quick update from the lab (warning! this is more geeky than usual.) To clarify: we are proposing, prototyping and developing a proof-of-concept clinically engineered football – a football which will be grown from living animal ...

Apr, 16

Cells in Culture – week 2

I can’t control the growth of the cells, but, having obtained most of them myself from different animal tissues, and observed and facilitated their growth over several months, I feel in control now of the ...

Mar, 26


Whilst the procedure for seeding patches with cells is being optimised I will be working on obtaining, growing, freezing and maintaining different primary cell cultures using predominantly materials which would be thrown away.  The first ...

Mar, 12


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