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Anthony Atala on Growing Organs

Our production schedule is well underway: mouse cells are growing but need more! scaffold in development new source identified for pigs bladder tissue material So this week I decided to revisit a TED (Technology, Enertainment ...

Apr, 02

Cells in Culture – week 2

I can’t control the growth of the cells, but, having obtained most of them myself from different animal tissues, and observed and facilitated their growth over several months, I feel in control now of the ...

Mar, 26

new weekly blog posts….

This is the first of my new weekly dispatches from the UK Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Centre (Liverpool) where I am working as an artist in residence.  Tissue engineering is a field growing in importance: ...

Mar, 19

#3 – 3D FORMS

Having achieved cell adherence onto different patch materials it will be important to attempt to grow cells onto 3D forms, starting with some simple cubes of mesh and work towards growing the cells onto a ...

Mar, 12


Whilst the procedure for seeding patches with cells is being optimised I will be working on obtaining, growing, freezing and maintaining different primary cell cultures using predominantly materials which would be thrown away.  The first ...

Mar, 12


Grow a set of “patches”, working with nylon mesh material of the kind which is already used as a scaffold in tissue engineering.  This will involve seeding our cells (initially the L929 mouse cells) directly ...

Mar, 12

Pigs Bladder Football 2012

Pig’s Bladder Football moves into a new phase for 2012 – having spent the summer of 2011 researching age-old processes of making footballs from the bladders of pigs which have been slaughtered – we now ...

Jan, 05


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