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My experience of the Games Development Day

Michael Maguire reflects on our Games Development afternoon: First of all I would like to say how much I enjoyed the day in Egremont and found it very rewarding and beneficial to my development in ...

Sep, 12

Taking Shape

Last night saw the last meeting of the Egremont Crab and Sports Fair Committee before the main event, which will be taking place on the 17th of September 2011, with our brand new game of ...

Aug, 31

Getting the Ball Rolling (and Bouncing!)

Saturday 23rd of July 2011 marked the first public manifestation of Pigs Bladder Football an unusual new and experimental art project, which will be exploring the historic and material origins of our beautiful game. Football ...

Jul, 26


The event is FREE and open to all ages, however places are limited, so please register before: http://pigsbladderworkshop.eventbrite.com/ For more information contact Florence Mine on 01946821914 or contact@pigsbladderfootball.com Date: Saturday 23rd of July 2011 Time: ...

Jul, 14

Pigs Bladder Football – Hands-on Workshop

Cumbrian locals are invited to take part in an unusual experimental workshop,┬ámaking footballs the way they used to be made, from pigs bladders! Artist, John O’Shea will provide men, women and children with the training ...

Jun, 26


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