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Bio-Engineered Footballs

An exhibition of bio-engineered footballs was held at Cube Gallery Manchester (as part of Abandon Normal Devices 2012) from the 29th of August through to the 7th of September. Four prototype balls, each demonstrating bladder ...

Sep, 12

Football Fundamentalism at AND Festival

From Friday 30th September until Sunday 2nd October a shop at 84 Bold Street (opposite LEAF) in Liverpool will be transformed into an Organic Football Boutique (open 11am-6pm) as part of Abandon Normal Devices Festival. ...

Sep, 26

Egremont Crab Fair and Sports

After many months spent developing this multi-tentacled, collaborative and competitive work, it is time now to run riot through the streets, shops, markets stalls and science laboratories of the North West. 17th of September was ...

Sep, 26

Abandon Normal Devices Brochure!

Here is the image I submitted for the Abandon Normal Devices 2011 Festival Brochure and the full printed brochure is now available to down load here: AND Festival 2011 Brochure (PDF download)  

Sep, 22

A Busy Month!

At the end of last month there were lots of loose ends to tie up after the first Hands-On Workshop in Egremont on the 26th of July.  The filmmaker I have been working with, Tim ...

Aug, 24


The event is FREE and open to all ages, however places are limited, so please register before: http://pigsbladderworkshop.eventbrite.com/ For more information contact Florence Mine on 01946821914 or contact@pigsbladderfootball.com Date: Saturday 23rd of July 2011 Time: ...

Jul, 14

Pigs Bladder Football – Hands-on Workshop

Cumbrian locals are invited to take part in an unusual experimental workshop,¬†making footballs the way they used to be made, from pigs bladders! Artist, John O’Shea will provide men, women and children with the training ...

Jun, 26


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